Welcome to my website, my name is Susan Gibson.

I would like to share my passion for all things mosaic.

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 I love the freedom of artistic expression.  Take a simple idea and turn it into a creation.

My Work

 I work with anything from stained glass, tile, shells to pebbles.

From abstract, to symbols, recreations, murals, there is so much you can do with mosaic.  A favourite of mine is recycling.

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Sales, Orders, Tuition

  Testimonial:       Last night I attended my first Mosaic Class....inspired by Susan Gibson's amazing mermaid surfboard mosaic I saw at the last SCCC Market Stall, which left me absolutely needing to know and learn how to do that!!!

Run by Spiritual Connections member, Susan Gibson, the class was informal, fun, flowing and held in a beautiful workshop space at Susan's home in Umina.

Having never done Mosaics before, I went without any expectations, very aware that I am prone to throw a tantrum and quit if I cannot pick up something straight away. For this class (which I had eagerly waited all holidays for!!), I was determined to leave my critical inner parent at my front door and to let my inner child just come out and do as they pleased.

My only intention was to allow myself to learn something new, with no pressure or judgement, and just BE in the moment and enjoy the feel my creative juices flowing again, using a new medium full of new possibilities, and perhaps meet some interesting new people along the way.

Over a cup of tea in Susan's charismatic and quirky workshop, we listened to a delightfully easy-to-understand and very inspiring introduction to the mosaic-making process and the tools used in it, whilst each of us tried as best we could not to break out with questions and just launch ourselves into the process (well, I know I found it hard to keep a lid on my enthusiasm!).

An hour into the evening (classes run 7:30-10:00pm), I was busily working on my own mosaic piece, gluing down gorgeous blue-toned tiles onto a beautifully carved wood dolphin, provided by Susan (along with all the safety gear, tools, tiles and anything else needed to complete a finished mosaic).

When the clock struck 10, I felt like I imagine Cinderella might have when she needed to return to her coach/pumpkin, and I reluctantly packed up my mosaic piece, which was very well on the way to being complete.

After booking into next weeks' class, I jumped in my car and somehow made it home amidst a swirling vortex of all things mosaic, already planning in my imagination the construction of my own workshop ( and yes!- it absolutely MUST have a magical kettle like Sue's: one thats always boiled...AKA a hot water urn-).

That night before bed, I thanked myself for making the time to follow my heart-based desire and feed my creative self; for making my own creative life a priority. I also thanked Sue for her inspiration, generosity and guidance, and of course the universe, for providing me with the perfect creative outlet for my own unique self.



Susan Gibson, Central Coast, NSW | 040 383 9507

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